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Note: Netsync Media Server is free of charge for non-commercial use.
Netsync Media Server is a useful utility that, alongside its made-to-measure iOS counterpart, makes it as straightforward as possible for you to stream videos from your Windows computer to some of the most popular iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, for example
And, the best part is, it's not at all complicated to set up. To get started, simply download and install Netsync Media Server on your PC and the mobile app (Netsync) on your iOS device from its designated store. You will require to sign up and activate an account via email before you can actually log in and, please note, this is possible either by using any web browser or directly from the mobile app.
User-friendly and decently-equipped media server
As far as media server interfaces go, it's safe to say that Netsync Media Server boasts a very functional, clearly above-average UI, with a simplistic set of novice-accessible features and non-complicated layout. At this point, it's well worth pointing out that you can add various other users (family members, friends, you name it) to you media server with different levels of access.
The Transcode section is also definitely worth a closer inspection as it enables you to choose both video and audio bitrate values, select either RAW, 4k2k, 1080p, 720p and 480p profiles, and even use technologies like Intel Quick Sync and nVidia NVENC video transcoding for streaming and playing your videos, provided, of course, that your PC meets the following requirements.
Another noteworthy feature stems from the fact that the server also has the ability to automatically show subtitles for your videos, just as long as they both have the same prefix. And to make everything as easy as possible for you, the utility also provides you with the option to add various videos to a Favorites section, quite useful, especially when you're dealing with large video libraries.
Provides you with one of the easiest ways to stream content from your PC to your iOS devices, just as long as you're willing to buy the iOS app
All in all, Netsync Media Server is a useful and very decent utility that allows even the most novice of users to manage and stream video content without feeling too intimidating. With that in mind, in spite of its somewhat limited feature-set, there's not much we can fault this app for, especially since it's also free. On the other hand, though, the iOS app isn't.







Netsync Media Server License Key PC/Windows (April-2022)

Play any audio or video file right from your iOS device. No setup required.

Unlock any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and
Mac and stream to your iOS devices from

Built-in calendar and travel time syncing.

Netsync is an intuitive, feature-rich, yet easy-to-use media
server to stream movies, music, or live streams right to your iOS device.
You can quickly and easily stream videos from your computer to any
supported mobile, tablet or smart TV. No special setup is required for playback.
No cables or apps to download.
Just plug your devices into the NetSync Ethernet port and you are
good to go.
The free app provides basic features like:
• Configure a custom URL to play to your devices
• Quickly stream from a local computer
• Listen to music with your smartphone or tablet
• Stream a live TV Channel with your computer
• Play downloaded and uploaded videos
• Go in YouTube™ playlist mode
• Download, sync or directly stream to your devices with no special setup.
• Share a playlist of your favorite videos

– Custom URL allows you to play a specific URL to a device.
– The main NetSync media server may be used for free, but to use all the other settings and features (or even to host your own content) you need to upgrade to the premium version of the server.

What’s New in Version 10.12.4:

– Fix a bug where some home folders were incorrectly generated.
– Add more languages to display in the preferences panel.
– Small bug fixes and improvements.

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Netsync Media Server Crack+

Netsync Media Server makes it as easy as possible for you to stream videos from your PC to any of the most popular iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads, for example. The application also comes with a host of other features that make it a really useful solution, not least of which is the ability to easily manage your videos by sorting them, adding custom labels, or even selecting or deleting files right from a mobile device.
Key Features:
★ Easily manage multiple users and their access to media on a single device
★ 100% free and comes with no advertisements or limited data usage
★ Cloud-based media server that syncs and automatically updates with a one-time login via email
★ Compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads
★ Streams video to your iOS device by uploading content either via your computer’s web browser or the app, respectively
★ Stream content from your computer’s hard drive to your iOS device, all without the need to sync any of your files to a network-based media server
★ Automatically play videos on your iOS device that are compatible with your device’s hardware
★ Allows you to download additional content from the internet via any web browser and, like the app, have the possibility to stream to your iOS device
★ Easily search and sort your videos in a variety of different ways
★ Adds images and text tags to videos, for example, one that reads “Bus” to enable you to quickly find and access your bus videos
★ Automatically adds a timestamp to your videos, so that you can easily find and play back videos by date
★ Enables you to easily add any video to a favorites section to easily find videos to play back
★ Add your own hotkeys to enable you to access more efficiently the more commonly used features of the app, including renaming and streaming to the iOS device
★ In combination with your mobile device, the app is able to automatically detect your location and the time zone for video playback and adjust your video speed accordingly
★ The app can be easily downloaded and installed from the iTunes store, and can be used by all Mac and PC users
Easy to use, clear and simple interface
Stream media to mobile devices without the need to sync any files to the cloud
Compatible with a wide range of devices
Cloud-based media streaming, auto-updating
Needs a proper stable and stable web browser to stream content to your iOS devices
The iOS app is free, but the

Netsync Media Server

Netsync Media Server (formerly known as Web Server Media Interface; WSMI for short) is a web server for streaming media over a computer web interface, as opposed to via an external media server device.
Stream media from and to your iOS devices
Stream videos to an Android device
Easy setup
Stream videos from the web browser
Stream videos from multiple hard drives
Share videos with iOS devices
Synchronize videos with other iPads
Add movies to a Favorites section
Does not work with photos or music
No Apple compatibility
Send videos directly to AVI, WMV or MP4
Add a WMM URL for transcoding (no longer supported)
Excellent customer support
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Setup and Usage
Netsync Media Server is a free utility that is very easy to use, especially for beginners, and provides you with plenty of useful tools for streaming or playing media content in your iOS devices.
Netsync Media Server is quite easy to set up; you just need to download and install it onto your PC and activate your account via email. To download the Netsync Media Server app, visit their website and select the relevant version of the app for your iOS device.
Once you have downloaded and installed the app onto your iOS device, all you need to do is launch the app and then sign into your account.
As a free utility, Netsync Media Server is decently functional, with a logically-designed user interface and a decent set of tools for streaming, playing and sharing media content.
Thanks to the fact that it’s a free utility, you can control multiple users from the same account, manage multiple accounts and stream, play, share and sync content with all of them.
All that being said, here’s what you can do with Netsync Media Server:
Stream your content with the web browser
You can launch Netsync Media Server and then stream content from your hard drives, network shares, FTP servers, and virtually any location, to an iOS device.
To access this feature, simply visit Netsync Media Server from your web browser, select your hard drive (or network share, for example), and then select the Live stream button.
You can also choose from the standard list of devices like Apple TV, AirPlay, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.
Stream videos from the Internet
Netsync Media Server provides you with a web interface that makes it as easy as possible for you to access the media content

What’s New in the?

Stream Live TV and Movies to Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Live and Recorded TV Shows and Movies
• Play 720p and 1080p HD videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Free Anywhere for watching your shows live TV on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Watch TV shows and movies from your PC on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Know what your favorite TV shows are without signing up for a web service.
Stream iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch content from your PC
• Watch TV and Movies from your PC on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Watch all your Live TV Shows and Movies from your Windows computer on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Watch TV shows and movies from your PC on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
View your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch content from your PC on an HD monitor.
• Watch all your Live TV Shows and Movies from your Windows computer on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
• Watch TV shows and movies from your PC on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
And this is just a small sample of what the Netsync app does.

Just as with the mobile app, there are a few negative points to be aware of, primarily because the iOS app does require you to pay for it. Without question, the mobile app is worth the investment, especially considering its ability to, not only be used to enjoy your media content on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but also to watch live TV and even manage them remotely from your Windows PC.
Despite the somewhat cumbersome introductory fee of $30, the mobile app is definitely a worthwhile and highly useful piece of software that makes it as easy as possible for you to stream HD content from your PC to your iOS device.
Netsync Media Server Latest Version:

24.11.2019 – 10.29.2019
Version: 2.5.8

24.11.2019 – 07.12.2019
Version: 1.9.5

Netsync Media Server Features:

Watch Live TV
Live TV on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from your Windows PC. Stream shows that are on the go, recorded, and even watching live TV on your PC, on your mobile device anywhere.

Live TV
Stream live TV on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from your Windows PC, all of which is recorded and playing back on your mobile device anywhere. Watch when you want, where you want and how you want

System Requirements:

Minimun Requirements:
* DirectX 9.0c or above
* 1 GB RAM
* 500 MB hard disk space
Recommended Requirements:
* DirectX 11.0c or above
* 1 GB hard disk space
* Apple recommends macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher
* NVIDIA, AMD Radeon™, or Intel GEM™ driver version 410.44 or higher.
* Intel HD Graphics 630 or higher
* Android devices with ARM64 CPUs.
• Fast

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