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Saltzpyre is the famed Chief of the Ordos and a known genius of battle. His steel will be tempered by the experience of countless battles, and he has joined the retinue of the recently deceased Baron Ostheim.
After every defeat, he is granted a new commission by Baron Ostheim. He has most recently been given the task of defending Okenbrig, a small castle in the northern part of the Estalian Kingdom against a band of three men who claimed to be able to raise the dead.
Each week a letter from Baron Ostheim arrives, explaining the state of the castle. Saltzpyre now sets off to the ruins of Okenbrig to investigate the problems, and your mission is to find him. He is traveling on his own, without any bodyguards, which makes him a deadly target.
Become the great Slayer of Undead and prove you are worthy to become Chief of the Ordos.
Experience war in a new way! Saltzpyre has so far had no experience in combat, but by the time he reaches the Castle Okenbrig he has developed a new style of fighting. He carries a shield in front of him, and when he can he ducks behind it, and when he has to he uses his back as a shield. Sometimes he skips behind the shield to attack enemies, or throws it away to spring on his enemies while they are running.
Slaying the undead is not a goal in itself, but rather a precursor to winning the battle. Once he defeats the enemies he should grab any trophies which may be lying around to make an inventory of his new equipment.
He uses a leather-armoured skeleton of a dog, the “Ostfeldgard”, as a mount. If he carries the “Ostfeldgard” with him he can use the dog’s special ability to perform a simple jump.
These are just a few examples of the many ways Saltzpyre can fight, so there’s no telling what other skills he has yet to learn.
Research Kit Add-ons:
• A “Concussion” Stone – This block can be placed on the ground and has a knockback effect. Depending on the type of ground, the effect can be either good or bad for the player. The bad effect has more knockback, so it will give the player more points for activating it. The good effect takes a bit longer to activate, but takes significantly less damage from it.


Features Key:

  • Drivers Shaped Props
  • Stunt Events and more
  • Arcade mode
  • Online Multiplayer Racing
  • A Real Racing game free for play
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    The Dark Lord is in a deadlock.

    A spectre of chaos has come to Dominia.

    The Wraith is gone, and the Dark Lord is the only one who can defeat it. And in this time of war, the Dark Lord is distracted with his creations. His most trusted generals and soldiers are locked in conflict with one another.

    The Dark Lord has tasked the Tournament to determine the worthiest Hero to become his next Most Holy Royal Blood. The quest is to bring a Hero to him. Whoever can heal the most wounds of the realm will receive the title of Most Holy Royal Blood and become the Dark Lord’s new greatest creation. No one can be left behind.

    Already, the war is taking its toll. Rifts are tearing Dominia apart. Fights and deaths are happening everywhere. A relic of an unknown origin has also been found in the Gran Tuukala. The implications of this discovery will create a chain reaction that will affect all of Dominia.

    A story born out of a war, the Peacemaker Series spans across the five playable characters in the world of Pentone, the setting of Dark Lord.

    Complete the story in order to obtain the comprehensive and original DLC of the series “Upgraded Spirit Diamond”


    New story and characters

    Discover the new look of the world of Pentone

    Familiar with the Dark Lord, even stronger!

    A mission to discover hidden truths at the heart of the world of Pentone

    Opening a new world of combat and counter-attacks!

    Five of the Dark Lord’s greatest creations in the Peacemaker series


    Heroic Features

    Character Growth and Development

    Playable Female Characters

    War Mode and Raid Mode

    Casual Mode

    New Game-Modes

    Weapon Creation System

    Technical Features

    Improved Visual Quality

    New Graphics

    Improved AI

    Improved Loader

    New Dialogue

    New Character Types

    Enhanced Characters

    Improved Stages

    Map Improvements

    New Item Function

    Improved Voice

    New Story and Scenes

    Three-Positon Real-Time Combat System (Now!)

    Chrono System

    Four-Way Battle System

    Enhancement of Pure Strategy

    Improved Character Relationships

    New Boss System

    Stages Strengthened

    Enhancement of Character Skills


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      why? and which is that button I am confused

      Re: So what if it means 2 game style and if it mean no more 3rd party games at all I will be ok? [DONT post]

      Hi fellow Moderator,

      I know where you’re coming from with wanting to be able to use ASL 3D Engine for your title, but just be wary of posting that in here. You aren’t allowed to do that until the release of the game. Its not like the engine was released a couple of months ago and people are banging out games now, the sole purpose for ASL 3d Engine is to allow it to be used in developing for big titles. Its a 3D Engine, and 3D Animation Software. It’s never been intended to be released as a tool kit.

      Specifically it is employed to design games that are 3D animations rather than the usual 2D sprite animation. Once the engine is released as a game tool kit engine, then it will be fair game to use in the titles that come out. Until that time, its not going to do any good for an independent developer to be using it.Can the field problem be avoided by secondary absorption measurement after conversion of dose area product into absorbed dose?
      For the optimization of volumetric modulated arc therapy, the field size and centering should be derived on the absorbed dose map. One large field or a small field composed of many small fields is defined as a field of interest (FOI). FOI and an adjacent region are projected by surrounding collimator rotation. There are many methods to calculate the value of the sensitive volume and the absorbed dose in the FOI. The purpose of this research was to find out if these methods can be related to each other. On a Theratron 780 linear accelerator, an absorbed dose area product of 41.31 Gy cm(2) (range: 21.22-63.95 Gy cm(2)) was used to perform a dose reconstruction. The absorbed dose and other dose measurements should then have been able to be derived according to the field position with the highest absorbed dose area product. To compare all dose measurements with and without the FOI, these dose values have to be converted into a quantity that only includes the FOI that is actually measured with a sensitive volume. The “opposite” FOI (that was calculated for other collimator angles) was defined as the center of the FOI and translated into all other irradiation directions. From the


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      Become the Master of Rome with the help of your friends!
      Two players can control Caesar and Pompey’s legions in this fast-paced tabletop war game. Fight for the Republic or the Empire in thrilling scenarios!
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      Hire allied troops and build a powerful army of Roman and Greek soldiers.
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      Game Features:
      4 scenarios
      2 Leader Styles (Caesar / Pompey)
      2 Game Modes (1 player / 2-player online)
      11 maps
      Advanced CaesarAI Campaigns
      Game Type: 2 Player
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      Rome: Total War – Total War: Rome II
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      Total War: Attila is a new standalone expansion for Total War: Attila – in which a fierce war was fought for control of the Roman Empire between the rulers of the Hunnic and Ostrogothic tribes, wherein the tribes were ruled by a number of rival kings, such as Rugila, Attila and the Eastern Roman Empire. The strategic decisions during the war would have a direct impact upon the outcome of this new standalone game and determine the direction of the game.

      Battlefields of Total War: Viking
      In the first of two standalone Total War games set in Northern Europe, we set out to create an innovative Total War game as opposed to the historical reality-based approach in Total War: Shogun. In the game, you’ll face enemies from the Viking Age, from the Atlantic to the Baltic seas.

      War of the Roses: Apples to Apples for iOS/ Android
      In War of the Roses: Apples to Apples, a Medieval battle is brought to the digital world. You can command a fearsome force of warriors and take advantage of strategic maneuvers to defeat your opponents in three of the most epic medieval battles.

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