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Layout.bin Download !NEW!


Layout.bin Download

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Category:Electronics companies of Norway
Category:Companies based in Bergen
Category:Electronics companies established in 1997
Category:1997 establishments in Norway
Category:Norwegian brands
Category:Semiconductor companies of Norway that constitute the core of the very earliest manifestations of critical social movements. Over time, these many different movements have continued to influence each other’s activities, as they have all developed new repertoires and often shared the same sites of struggle.

In short, while the phrase “the history of movements” can be profitably used to explore the broad and complex social and political forces which have shaped human history, the phrase should be taken not as a general concept, but rather as a specific historical concept. Similarly, the “history of movements” should be understood not as some general category which subsumes all the struggles of history, but rather as the specific history of the movements of a particular time and place. The challenges of the concept of “the history of movements” are well-summarized in a section of the French translation of the writings of Alain Touraine:

The term “history of movements” is particularly important for its capacity to bring together the realities of social movement activities in a historical context. It reveals the form in which social movements have manifested themselves over time, and reveals the diversity of the problems to which social movements have responded over time. It does not pretend to grasp the totality of the transformations which social movements have effected and the totality of the subjects who have enacted them.


The history of movements is more than a history of events. It is a history of ideas. It constitutes a particular kind of knowledge which is both a logical product and the foundation for a certain kind of scientific study. It is also a phenomenon of evolution, the analysis of which always presupposes the presence of a “group” that is able to develop, explore, and transmit its knowledge. Such an approach is constantly assumed in any history of movements, and it is essential to the very idea of this type of history. The establishment of the history of movements also entails a certain conception of social change, which is itself expressed through the metaphor

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