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Video editing on the Web is a growing market. Check out YouTube and the other sites described in this book to view videos created with the software of your choice. In some cases, software companies offer professional-grade video editing software, such as Adobe Premier, for use by their customers.

The following steps provide the basic steps to get you started editing a video in your favorite software:

1. **Open the raw video in the software of your choice.**

Adobe Premiere Elements, Apple iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker, to name a few, provide a video import feature. After you import the video, you’re ready to edit.

2. **Find the video that you want to use.**

Open up the video in your video editing software, as shown in Figure 14-1.

3. **Drag the video you want to work on up to your video editor.**

If you have only one video clip in the folder, you may need to manually drag the video file onto the timeline. If you have multiple video clips in the folder, you may be able to select them all and drag the whole folder on to the timeline.

4. **Position the video where you want it.**

Figure 14-1: Drag and drop video files into the video editing software to import the video.


You can create a background that you move throughout your video. In some cases, such as creating a slideshow, the background color is the same throughout the whole video. In other cases, you may choose to use different backgrounds for the various places in your video.

To create a background, follow these steps:

1. **Create a new layer for your background.**

Each video editing application has an easy way to create a new layer.

2. **Select the new background layer and click on the Paint Bucket tool (the first icon shown in Figure** **14-2** **) to fill your new background with your chosen color.**

When you set the color of your new layer, the color of all the other layers is shown as the _Overlay_, which you see in the second image. When you select the Overlay color, all other colors are reset to their original (white) state.

In this chapter, you learn how to create a photo slideshow with a moving background.

## Creating a Photo Slideshow

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Photoshop Elements is now ad-supported.

This guide will teach you to use Photoshop Elements to edit images and improve your productivity.

There are a million YouTube videos and articles about Photoshop.

But unfortunately, not many are geared towards people that use Photoshop Elements. There are some good resources out there, but we wanted to put together a simple, friendly, beginner-friendly resource that will help get you started using Photoshop.

This guide is for new Photoshop Elements users who are interested in improving their photography, graphic design, memes, or web design. There are plenty of other great guides out there, but we wanted to focus on this one, and we’re super excited to share it with you.

If you do nothing else with this guide, you should definitely learn the basics of Photoshop Elements and make some of your own memes.

I also want to mention, that while you can use Photoshop Elements to be a professional designer, a professional designer will not use it. There are better tools for that.

In general, Photoshop Elements is an excellent way to edit photographs, create new images, memes, edit logos, and create websites. It’s a great starting place for anyone that just needs to get their feet wet in the world of graphic design.

So please, hold tight, and hang on tight, because we will be doing our best to get you fully up to speed with Photoshop Elements.

In this Photoshop Elements guide, we’ll cover:

Setting up Photoshop Elements

Basic editing techniques

Finding resources

Making memes

One of the best things about using Photoshop Elements to edit photos is that a lot of the actions that you take will work in the pro-version of Photoshop. And after you know these basics, the sky is really the limit for you.

This guide will help you unlock more than you thought you could.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Get Photoshop Elements.

If you don’t have Photoshop Elements installed on your computer, go ahead and get it downloaded from the Mac App store or the Windows store.

Step 2: Launch Photoshop Elements.

Once you’ve got Photoshop Elements installed on your computer, launch it.

Step 3: Go to the Start Menu.

You should see three options in the Start Menu:

1. Photoshop Elements

2. Photoshop Elements Advanced

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According to Finmeccanica, the Italian defense group whose U.S. subsidiary Northrup Grumman was recently chosen to assemble the Aegis Combat System (ACS) for the Israeli navy, U.S. anti-missile sites in Alaska and California are at high-risk of being hit with “more than a few” rogue ICBMs.

In a letter to the U.S. government, Finmeccanica stressed that Israel could “contribute to the exchange of intelligence” regarding the Islamic Republic’s military capabilities.

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Finmeccanica emphasized that the intelligence exchanged between Israel and the United States could also “help improve U.S. homeland defense capabilities.”

A Pentagon spokesman criticized the Italian group’s letter, saying that the Americans “have no interest” in knowing the location of Israel’s anti-missile capabilities.

“They’re just trying to extract some commercial benefit out of the U.S. government,” Col. Steve Warren said.

In August, the Americans were supposed to sign a $30.6 billion deal with Israeli defense contractor Boeing for missile-defense systems.

Sources close to the deal claimed that the Israelis and Americans might cancel it because they are upset with each other’s missile defense systems.

That deal has been delayed, and the Americans have even tried to compete with the Israelis for the missile-defense contract.

A major problem for the Americans is that the Israeli missile defense system is not supported by NATO, according to the military experts.

Finmeccanica also pointed out the Israeli navy’s excellent relationship with the United States and expressed “sincere hope” that this cooperation will “continue in the future and benefit the countries involved.”

Admiral Andrew M. Gebhardt, the head of the U.S. Naval Institute,

System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 300 MB free space
Network: Broadband Internet connection
DirectX: Version 9.0
Graphics: 2D compatible graphics card
Input Devices: Keyboard and mouse
Additional Notes:
Emulators need to have at least a minimum DirectX version installed. This is the version 9.0. More up-to-date versions are available from the emulator homepage.

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