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Fabrika Backupr is a great application to improve the performances of your Flickr account. It allows you to download all of your original quality photos in just a few steps. You can choose not only the photos you want to download, but also the size and quality. Your photosets are downloaded in a location of your choosing. The ones you didn’t select are stored in your account for future use or backup. Every settings and configuration of Fabrika Backupr are easily accessible so you can easily take your saved photos back to any Flickr account you have. You will love to have this app, because you can Accurately backup your flickr photos without losing their quality Recover deleted or mislaid photos from your flickr account Control the download location where you want to store your photos Share photos on social networks directly from Fabrika Backupr Share photos with you friends from your Flickr account on twitter, facebook and more Choose from a list of photos to download. Just click on your photo to do that You can also get back a list of your Flickr account photos saved in just a few clicks. The photo list will be properly arranged and sorted according to the choices you made. It’s simple and easy to use. Fabrika Backupr is an App in Flickr account for android and iOS device that will allow you to download all of your original quality photos easily and effectively in just few seconds. It will allow you to download all of your flickr photos very fast. Fabrika Backupr is an innovative and specially design app for Flickr. It can save your account photos to your desired location. You don’t have to back up photos manually anymore. Just download the app, and if you want to save a photo on the flickr app. You can use the switch on the left to select your desired location. You can also download a list of the photos in your account in order to easily browse your photos. The photo list is sorted by date taken and date published. You can also choose to download certain photos. The app is very easy to use, and will guide you during the installation process. Features of Fabrika Backupr : Save all of your photos from your flickr account to your desired location easily You can also download a list of your flickr account photos which is easy to use. Sort the photos by date taken or date published Download photos you

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Fantastic features: • Millions of photosets and users, all within one application. • The ability to easily merge and/or re-arrange the photos in each photoset into any order. • No other software will be able to perform all these tasks. • Photo and date metadata is automatically transferred to csv files. • Metadata extraction is not possible via Flickr. • You can backup more than one Flickr photoset at a time. • You can use a computer, a tablet or a phone to perform all these tasks. • You can choose to backup your photosets with or without commentary and you have the option to choose a regular rotation for your backups. • Photos are automatically organized by dates or by name. • There are three different levels of compression: Light, Medium and High. • Automatic building of.ipa or.apk applications and installation on the mobile device of all your photosets within a few minutes. • Automatic installation of the application on the computer and the mobile device. • Once installed, you will be able to use the application and download all your photosets from your Flickr account. A simple, free and fun way to backup your photos, comments, and ratings. With just a few clicks, you can export, paste in other folders, to the clipboard, to the desktop. Save and share these backups by email, or create ZIPs. The Backupr application does not cover the “back-up” part of “data backup”. It should be noted that images taken from the web are often reproduced at a lower quality to save bandwidth. In fact, you’ll probably be happier with the results if you first take a download and then export to another format. For those who need to download a lot of photos, what about a desktop version of FAB, in addition to the IOS app? For now, the IOS/ Mac/ Windows/ Linux versions cover the needs of most of us. For those who need a desktop app: What about a desktop app which downloads photosets based on the tags that exist in your photosets? This can be a lot more powerful. For example, if you have a lot of photos of you toddler, an app such as this one could be very useful. 2f7fe94e24

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Fabrika Backupr is a utility for getting a list of pictures of your Flickr account and saving it in a Zip file. After starting the process, Fabrika Backupr will display your account photo list. For each photo, Fabrika Backupr will give you a list with 2 options: either to download or view each of your photos. All the progress is completely silent, meaning you will never know that Fabrika Backupr is running in the background. You can simply select your download option for each picture and then select the directory where you wish to have your photos. Your photos will be downloaded immediately in any folder that you choose. As always, Fabrika Backupr downloads your original size pictures. All uploaded pictures are saved in the folder “o” and will be deleted automatically when the backup is complete. Fabrika Backupr Screenshots: Fabrika Backupr Editor Version: In case of doubt, Fabrika Backupr will tell you if you did the right thing. Fabrika Backupr License: Fabrika Backupr 5.1.6 has been distributed as freeware. See the license file for more details.Saturday, August 14, 2008 Son of a Biatch……The smithsonian I got an email from the Smithsonian yesterday……you see I have the Smithsonian glass on my blog, in my sidebar…..it’s a museum of American pottery and glass. Well I guess someone decided that they’d like to copy it.I thought I’d better let you know. I don’t think they are trying to be mean, but I think they are being stupid. I’m always amused with that when something that I’ve created is copycat by someone else. It seems that there are so many bloggers who copy their way of life or their blogs, I mean the copycat has to make a living too. The other day I got a message on Facebook from a friend who asked me if I knew about the Oprah show on Fruity Farmhouse? (I got this from a friend who posted it on her blog)I found out that she was copying it by putting a picture of my house, Fruity Farmhouse on her own blog and adding my name to it. I’m in the picture because her cousin had pictures taken of the house. I guess I could do a little copying myself but don’t you think that its a little cheeky, to put your name on someone else

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Pro is what we call the best of the best. Fabrika Backupr has a great selection of features to help you back up your photosets, in particular the ability to grab photos from your entire account, grab specific photosets and grab photos from folders. Fabrika Backupr will be the most flexible way of backing up your photosets and photos. What is Fabrika Backupr? Fabrika Backupr is a free software developed by Authentic Software. The most used version is 3.0.0-16,with over 1.000.000 installations. For more information about Fabrika Backupr, visit Fabrika Backupr installed size is 2.96 MB. If your computer begins running slow, registry fix is a solution that will help a lot. Every day, your computer will use your RAM to run Windows and other applications. The main memory used by the operating system and other applications is the random access memory. If your computer runs slow, and that seems to be one or more problems with your RAM. It is not unusual to create a folder to fix computer registry issues. The computer with registry files can improve your computer performance. Here is how it works. If your computer RAM is not enough, the computer will start to slow down. It will be slow for a lot of programs and functions, and some basic functions can take even a very long time. First, you should examine the registry folder, and see if there is something there that can help your computer work faster. It does not matter where you find, so get to work. If your computer is under the registry folder, and you want to move the file, you should do so. Usually the startup folder, and the save backup folder. You can simply move the entire folder or you can move the files individually. If it is a big folder, you can compress the files and folders in it. This can be a useful option, you can back it up and decompress it later in a good time. If you want to make a backup of the registry before cleaning it, you should do so. Do not forget that the registry is a text file. So, it is easy to just compress it. Please notice that the registry can be downloaded, and clean without the need of removing files that might cause an error and similar. Here is how you can clean the registry. When you see


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You will need to have the Homebrew Launcher installed, but you can use the Google Play version to sideload this app (see the FAQ section of the Play Store for more details on that). Xbox 360 Xbox One Requires OS version >= 5.0 Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit Intel Core i3-380M 2.13 GHz or AMD FX-4170 2.9 GHz 4 GB RAM 1366×768 screen resolution DirectX 11 GPU (NVIDIA or AMD) 1


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