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A few of my students wrote their final project paper on AutoCAD Torrent Download. They were divided in two groups and work on the same paper together. One group used the desktop version, and another used the web version. The group using the desktop version had to draw the 3D view, select and click on 2D layer, draw 2D view, and then export to PDF. The web version has the same components, but the workflow is almost the same as the desktop version, but more convenient. AutoCAD was used only for drawing the 2D view.

The following are the results of the test.

Group using desktop version

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For the group using the desktop version, the fastest time (approx. 30s) was taken when selecting the drawing layer, after clicking on the thumbnail view of the drawing. When the 2D view is open, it takes time to select the drawing layer. If the drawing was initially opened, clicking on the layer name is faster than selecting the layer by clicking on the thumbnail view.

The web version took time for the same steps as the desktop version. When exporting to PDF, it took around 25s to save the file and export to PDF. AutoCAD took around 6s to close the drawing.

The time to save the file and export to PDF in web version was faster.

The workflow of the desktop version and the web version is almost the same except for exporting to PDF.

Group using the web version


The workflow in the web version was faster than in the desktop version.

When importing the drawing from PDF, it took a few seconds to open. After that, it took the same time to save the file. However, the import time of the drawing was faster than the desktop version.

The workflow of the desktop version and the web version is almost the same except for importing the drawing from PDF.

In the web version, the export to PDF took longer than in the desktop version.

The web version is slower than the desktop version.

Save the file (export to PDF)

The workflow of the desktop version and the web version is almost the same except for exporting to PDF.

The web version of AutoCAD is slower than the desktop version.

It was also observed that the group using the desktop version took longer time in the task of exporting to PDF. This is probably due to the

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Add-ons or 3D plug-ins
Autodesk 3D Warehouse provides access to AutoCAD drawings and 3D content.

CAD-Draft is an AutoCAD add-on designed for architectural and civil engineering use. With this add-on, which was developed by KDW Trueness, you can also create plans, elevations, sections, and many others. It is an expandable Autodesk format (DWF) with LISP functionality.

Applications include:
Creating plans and sections
Creating sectional views
Creating the sectional views of a product
Drawing of elevations and aspects
Support for the Mercator projection
Web based

Main features:

CAD Draft is free and open source, and can be downloaded from its website. The Autodesk 3D Warehouse and Autodesk Exchange apps have CAD Draft integrated.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Autodesk Exchange Apps are a category of apps on the Autodesk Exchange (AppsMarket) that are designed to automate the most common tasks in AutoCAD. The Exchange apps are available in the market as standalone applications or add-ons for Autodesk AutoCAD.

Add-on products on Autodesk Exchange Apps include:
AutoCAD Translation
AutoCAD 3D
CAD Draft
AutoCAD Refinement
Autodesk 360 Cloud
Autodesk Collaborate
Autodesk Designer
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Electrical
Autodesk Subscription Services
AutoCAD map

CadSoft Caddis
CadSoft Caddis (Computer Aided Drafting Software) is a computer-based drafting system.

See also
List of 3D modeling packages
List of computer-aided design software
List of CAD software


External links

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Autodesk Labs: Software/Technology
CadSoft Caddis
Autodesk Subscription Services: AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Map 3D, Refine 3D, Architectural and MEP, AEC and Space
Autodesk 360 Cloud
Autodesk 360: Autodesk 360 Cloud is a software suite that delivers a secure cloud-based CAD solution that supports concurrent working on files.
Autodesk Designer: Autodesk Designer is a cloud

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Using grep on perl script output

I am running a perl script that gives out a lot of information about my system. I’m looking for a command that will allow me to filter it so that I only get results for what I’m looking for. In this case, my script is running find on my system to find all files named *.part and it has an error checking loop that outputs each found result to stdout.
This is an example of what I’m seeing in my terminal:
find: ‘*.part’: No such file or directory
find: ‘*.part’: No such file or directory
find: ‘*.part’: No such file or directory

I have looked into using the -exec command and I’ve been able to get the following to work:
find ‘*.part’ -exec sh -c ‘echo $1’ _part_ \;

I would like to use grep or something similar to filter the output from the perl script. If grep cannot do it, are there any other commands I can use to filter the output so that it only displays the lines from the output that I am looking for?


Just pipe your program’s output to grep.
find ‘*.part’ -exec sh -c ‘echo $1’ _part_ \; | grep…

The present invention relates generally to a method and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device, and more particularly to a method and apparatus for applying an interlevel dielectric layer or the like.
In the manufacture of semiconductor devices, an interlevel dielectric layer is formed to isolate conductive portions of various layers formed on a semiconductor wafer. For example, where a layer of conductive material is used to form source, drain, and gate regions of memory cells, the interlevel dielectric layer is generally formed as a part of an overall planarization process.
When the dielectric layer is applied, it is important to ensure that the semiconductor wafer is substantially uniformly planar. If the semiconductor wafer is not uniformly planar, then the conductive portions of the wafer may not be properly connected and formed.
In the manufacture of semiconductor devices, a polishing apparatus is typically used to remove excess portions of the conductive layer that extend above

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Automatic Reference Line Creation:

Designing for the future with AutoCAD. By using reference lines to show future relationships, you can speed up workflows with automatic creation of lengths, angles, and locations.

Geometry and Scale:

Using the scale to make things easier. Setting the scale to any value simply means AutoCAD will automatically multiply or divide lengths, angles, and so on.


Add easy-to-use charts to your design. Use the RCS to create a report in minutes, with AutoCAD’s powerful charting capabilities. (video: 3:23 min.)

3D and Shading:

Get the most out of AutoCAD’s 3D modeling tools. Review every shading and texture in 3D space and then apply the same settings to multiple sheets with one command.

Repair Functions:

Recover missing parts or reassemble badly broken drawings. AutoCAD’s Repair Manager has a variety of tools for restoring geometry, editing geometry and more.


Have a fast and easy way to verify your drawings. With the introduction of the tool in AutoCAD, now you can quickly see every drawing element, including dimensions, lines, text, annotations, and associated drawing settings. (video: 1:42 min.)

3D View:

View a 3D scene from multiple angles to gain a full perspective. Use the viewing tools to zoom, rotate, and pan through 3D space.

Code Generation and Documentation:

Create your own applications and custom commands from within AutoCAD. Easily generate static code to create custom AutoCAD applications and add custom commands to the ribbon.

New and Improved Graphics:

Quickly and easily create 2D and 3D graphics with tools such as the Graphic Context, the Tool Palettes, and the Graphics Utilities.

CAD Filters:

Find a specific part within AutoCAD, or quickly search all drawings for a specific drawing element or part number.

NetBeans Integration:

AutoCAD works seamlessly with your other IDE projects. Easy to learn, use, and setup, NetBeans becomes your favorite IDE.

New and Improved Applications:

Discover the latest tools and applications for 2D and 3D drawing, programming, simulation, and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
2 GHz multi-core CPU
DirectX 11 graphics card with 128MB of video memory
80GB free HDD space
Additional Notes:
The following graphics cards are fully supported:
AMD Radeon HD 6xxx/7xxx/8xxx series and HD 5xxx/6xxx series, including HD 7xxx/

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